Dubrovnik ~ Croatia

Korcula lies just off the Dalmatian coast with 15,000 inhabitants. When I arrived here on my journey to Dubrovnik, I had some free time to explore the island. I sat down in a cafe to be served by the friendliest waitor I’ve ever met called Dado. He kept calling me the little vegetarian and gave me discount, win.

I left Korcula behind on a boat to Orebic which was on mainland, and then caught the bus to Dubrovnik, driving 100s of metres above sea level out of the bay through surrounding mountains and medieval architecture.

When I arrived into Dubrovnik, I took a short bus ride to the old walled town. The city itself is a UNESCO world heritage site which explained the crowds of tourists pouring in through the gate along with me. 

I immediately began searching for somewhere to eat and followed steps through a narrow inclining street to find a quaint vegan and vegetarian restaurant called Nishta. The quality of the food here was exceptional, and not too expensive. I devoured my tempeh burritos (my obsession for Mexican food even followed me to Croatia) while local music and happy birthday chants echoed outside. 

Only around 50,000 people live in Dubrovnik, and once I began walking on top of the ancient walls around the whole old part, I realised it’s not actually that big. The views were incredible and towards the sea on the other side of the wall, people were swimming, kayaking, sailing, paragliding, which were probably better activities to do at 3pm in the 35 degree heat. On the opposite side, jutting houses and pencil trees lined the mountains. 

I climbed down from the walls and went to chill on the rocks by the water. I felt appreciative of the week I’d had in Croatia, and I saw a lot more than I thought I would. Time to go back to Barcelona, I got the bus to the airport while the sun set behind the city and a sliver of the moon rose towards the yellow and orange horizon. As I passed through Croatia’s beautiful landscape once more, I noticed that everyone else on the bus was just as entranced as I was. 

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