Koh Samui

The Southern islands in Thailand didn’t really call to me until change of circumstance led me to book a flight to Koh Samui as I was leaving Pai. I flew from Chiang Mai with a layover in Bangkok and arrived on the island as day turned to night. 

I met up with a friend the day after and rented scooters. The sky errupted and lashed on our skin as we drove through the mountain roads to Khun Si waterfall. Then I stupidly stopped halfway on a hill because I wanted to take a picture of the fog on the road but somehow fell off sideways instead when I forgot how to brake… I only cut up my foot a bit, so we continued on. The rain made the muddy roads slippy so we parked and tried to walk the rest of the way. No chance. The packs of barking dogs weren’t having any of it, so we turned back to get our bikes again. I didn’t want no rabies. We raced past the snarling mongrels and with much cuidado, made it to the waterfall. 

As dusk approached, we made our way down on the other side of the mountain towards the beach, ate dinner beside the sea, then got lost about 20 times on our way back to the guesthouse and stung by a bee while driving there. As the ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Tao was fully booked for the following day, we were forced to spend another night on the island. Parts of Koh Samui are really beautiful but the main strip is overly commercialised and trashy as hell. It wasn’t so bad though as we found a better place to stay beside a quiet beach. We went for a swim with the sun shining and no clouds in the sky, and sat under a wooden shack in a restaurant right on the shoreline. A thunder and lightning storm rolled in from the west and soon engulfed us in its rage of torrential rain. We were cold amd damp but absolutely without reason to complain.

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